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On Life and Meaning

Jun 6, 2018

Tana Greene is CEO of the Greene Group, parent company of three national staffing companies disrupting labor, transportation and logistics: My Work Choice, for warehouse and light industrial workers; Road Dog Team, for truck drivers and crew workers; and Blue Bloodhound, a technology application company matching pay-by-the-run and long-haul commercial drivers with motor carriers. The Greene Group has won several awards, including recognition as one of the Top 50 Women-Owned Businesses in the United States by Forbes Magazine and the Best Place to Work by Staffing Industry Analysts. Tana is a board member of Safe Alliance and the Employers Association. She is the author of 'Creating A World of Difference,' a memoir and book of inspiration on the importance of values and vision in business and in life. 

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, business disruption, a story of personal resilience, and transitioning from success to significance. 


  • Tana explains My Work Choice and the benefits it offers.
  • She discusses the biggest concerns of employees and clients, managing change and how to build community specific to a client.
  • She defines the problem that My Work Choice is solving.
  • She identifies who she is disrupting in the staffing market and what possibilities she sees for her business down the road.
  • Tana explains Road Dog Drivers and Blue Bloodhound, the challenge of bringing efficiency to a market, and creating a nationwide play.
  • She addresses how she sees herself and her purpose.
  • She discusses where the staffing and transportation industries are going and the importance of 'the last mile.' 
  • She answers whether electric vehicles and driverless trucks threaten her transportation staffing model.
  • Tana reflects on growing up in Chesapeake, Virginia and what her parents taught her.
  • She talks about what prompted leadership in her at a young age. 
  • She shares what happened in a first marriage and what she did next.
  • She identifies the four goals that changed her life and what is on her vision board now.
  • Tana explains how she got into the staffing business and a key business and life decision she and her husband had to make.
  • She shares how and why she transitioned into organizational leadership.
  • She reflects on when something felt missing, 'the big lie,' and a leadership turning point. 
  • She address what these words mean to her: 'gut instinct,' 'you better believe it,' 'never settle,' and 'dare to be different.'
  • Tana explains the meaning of 'creating a world of difference.' 

plus Mark's Personal Word Essay: 'Finding a Better Way'

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