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On Life and Meaning

Apr 12, 2018

Patrice Funderburg is the founder of Educate to Engage, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in leading transformative change through education, exposure and engagement. The firm offers strategic planning, organizational development, training and facilitation around diversity, equity and inclusion.  Previously, Patrice had a 20-year career in corporate human resource operations, vendor diversity, corporate philanthropy and corporate recruiting, including for Belk, Inc. and Lowe's Companies. She is a member of the Leading on Opportunity council addressing economic mobility, the Center for Community Transitions and the Women's Impact Fund.  Patrice attended North Carolina Central University before earning a bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and a master's degree in Organizational Communication and Development from Canisius College in Buffalo.   

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in transitioning from corporate work to social activism, race consciousness, and a journey of self-care and liberation. 


  • Patrice describes her transition to social activism.
  • She explains why issues of incarceration and social justice are personal to her.
  • She shares the moment that catapulted her into social action and the launch of her consultancy.
  • She describes a petition and campaign that she is leading against a popular institution.
  • Patrice explains what activism means to her.
  • She answers how the transition from corporate life into activism has been for her.
  • She talks about the importance of race consciousness in the struggle for equity and justice, and the connection between race consciousness and the world she wants.
  • She considers her role on the Leading on Opportunity council.
  • Patrice reflects on growing up in Buffalo and the conversation she heard around the dinner table.
  • She talks about how private school shaped her and what she realizes now about her time then.
  • Patrice reacts to the word privilege.
  • She shares who she wanted to be when she was young.
  • She recalls her days at North Carolina Central University.
  • She explains what she enjoyed about diversity and inclusion work in human resources.
  • Patrice answers what self care means to her and where she is on her journey.

Mark Peres adds a personal word that begins this way, "I am so moved by Patrice.  Moved by the honesty of her feelings, by her strength and vulnerability..."

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